Archive Storage Systems

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This Week’s Special:

3 Archive Storage Systems

25′ x 48" Teardrop Style Uprights

Approximately 200 Pieces


105" & 80" Teardrop Style Beams

1600 pcs. of 105"

200 pcs. of 80"

Galvanized B Decking For Archive Storage

850 Levels


2 Levels Of Catwalk (Bar Grating)

3 Staircases For Mezzanines & Archive Storage Systems

Will divide. Call with your requirements.
Clayton’s continues to be a leader in New & Used pallet rack distribution. From Layout to Installation Clayton’s will help design the right storage system for you!


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Used Equipment Clearance!

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We just brought in a lot of used equipment. Included in this lot are work benches, file cabinets, lockers, pallet racks, shelving units, and much more. You can find out what we have by visiting and clicking on the “Specials” link in the menu on the left. As always, Clayton’s is here for you, the customer.

Business is picking up!

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I just got rid of a bunch of our 21′ x 34″ uprights with 10′ beams and wire decks. It took some dealing, but I made it happen. Here are some of the items that we have left:

10 x 42 pallet racks

21 x 34 pallet racks

32 x 42 x 144 steel shelving units

Used Pallet Rack Specials!!

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10' x 42

10′ x 42″ Uprights Teardrop Style (USED)

Lot of 196 pieces. This size is very common in pallet racking and will inevitably sell out in no time.

Make sure to place your call today in order to secure some of these fantastic and economically viable pallet rack uprights!

F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.


96″ Beams, Teardrop Style (USED)

Lot of 660 pieces. These beams are also a very popular size, as they will store two standard sized pallets on each shelf.

4,000 lb. capacity per pair. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.


42″ x 46″ Wire Decks (USED)

Lot of 660 pieces. OSHA approved wire mesh decks provide a stable shelf deck, as well as meeting fire safety mandates.

Another hot item when dealing with used stock, these decks will not last long. F.O.B New Milford, Connecticut

Poly Coated Chrome Shelves USED

Gray Poly Coated Chrome Shelves (USED)

Lot of 170 pieces. Perfect for retail applications, or in light duty warehouses that see a lot of customer traffic. Very clean and efficient with a rating of approximately 300 lbs. per shelf. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.


100″ Chrome Shelving Posts (USED)

Lot of 74 pieces. Chrome plated shelving posts for chrome shelving. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.

20' x 42

20′ x 42″ Teardrop Style Uprights (USED)

Lot of 400 pieces. Double column to 72″ helps to minimize forklift or any other sort of damage that can occur on pallet rack uprights. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.


96″ Teardrop Style Beams (USED)

Lot of 4,000 pieces. 5,000 lb. capacity per pair. Now is the time to buy used pallet rack, and these 96″ beams will afford you more storage space for your warehouse storage needs! F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.


42″ x 46″ Wire Decks (USED)

Lot of 4,000 pieces. More of this popular wire mesh deck size. Call for pricing! F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.

21′ x 34″ Teardrop Style Uprights (USED)

Lot of 161 pieces. Uprights are able to be cut to 101″, 148″, and 194″. Excellent condition and priced to move! Call today to place your order. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.


34″ Wire Decks (USED)

Lot of 1,700 pieces. These decks fit the above uprights perfectly. They can be cut to size in order to fit any length beam, and we are selling these at rock bottom pricing. Call for quote! F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.

Used Pallet Racks Cantilever In CT.

16′ & 12′ Cantilever Rack (USED)

16′ Towers: Lot of 30 pieces

12′ Towers: Lot of 6 pieces

This racking is perfect for pipe and lumber storage. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.

Used Pallet Racks CT. Span Track Sections

15 1/2″ x 90 3/4″ Span Track Sections (USED)

Lot of approximately 140 pieces. Fits in the steps of conventional teardrop style pallet racking. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.

Used Pallet Racks CT. Reach Truck

Prime Movers Reach Truck (USED)

Cheap used reach truck. One in stock. Also on the way, used order pickers. Call today before it is gone. F.O.B. New Milford, Connecticut.

Call or Email Today!


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Used Pallet Racks Expected In Week Of 5/8

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Good news!! Clayton’s has secured a large inventory of used pallet racks from Massachussetts, and we expect delivery by Friday 5/8/09. This inventory will include nearly 200 pieces of 10′ x 42″ uprights, as well as a ton of 8′ beams and wire decking to go with it. Summer is coming and I have said it before, and I will continue to say that now is the absolute best time to buy pallet racks for your warehouse. With the economy the way it is, we all understand that the lowest price is king. With this inventory, we will definitely be in a position to help you with whatever you may require for your storage needs.

Pallet racks, Wire decks, and more!

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It is exceptionally beautiful outside today. It finally seems like spring may actually be here to stay. I spent a good amount of time today going over our used pallet rack stock, and looking to see what will be available for us to purchase in the coming months. It seems that with all of the closings going on, we may be in for a bit of a boost in the used rack department. Of course we still have plenty of new pallet racks to choose from, but it is never a bad thing to have a healthy stock of used as well. We received a ton of wire decks in today also. They are new, but at a much better price than usual. Happy shopping!

Pallet Racks Being Installed By Our Crews

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We started our installation of 16 Bays of Push Back Pallet Rack on Wednesday Feb. 25th. At first we had a few hiccups, but everything is going very smoothly at this point. Our pallet rack installation crew is very good, and takes very little time to figure out the solutions to the problems they face. This job will take the better part of a week to finish, but when it does, our customer will have optimized the space in their warehouse to accommodate more product. As this installation progresses, I will update this blog to reflect the progress.
pallet rack installationpallet rack installationpallet rack installation

pallet rack installationpallet rack installationpallet rack installation